I believe anything is possible. It’s my life’s work to instill this belief in younger generations.

I am extremely passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and motivating our youth.  My messages are filled with my own personal history involving gambling addiction, misvalue of women & relationships, and hanging around the wrong crowds.  I share these accounts to prove that there is no mistake too big for God to forgive, and there’s always a reason to be hopeful.

–Kendale C. Lumpkins

Kendale Lumpkins was born in Marrero, LA, but was raised in Columbia, MS. He has three brothers and one sister. This author, minister and motivational speaker is happily married with two children. He also works as a Shell Oil Company Safety Advisor.

Kendale has had his share of hard times. From boiling pots of water so that his family could have hot water to bath with, to sharing clothing with siblings, he managed to turn his struggles into a testimony. The financial struggles that came with life led to gambling and being in unsafe places. He lost close friends as a result of this lifestyle and begin to question his own future and what would happen if he stayed on this same path.

Kendale is now committed to living for God and “Dealing Hope” to the world. He’s the “Barbershop Preacher,” who took the Internet by storm on January 29th, 2016 with his viral video that showed him sitting in a Mississippi barbershop ministering to a NFL football player. His consistent inspirational and motivational messages are being heard by the millions through speaking engagements and social media. He is sold out to being the change that he wants to see in the world. Kendale believes that he was created to encourage and inspire others with genuine love and transparency. He has hopes to be a world changer and not only giving his home town a reason to believe that all things are possible, but for everyone that came from some unfavorable conditions in life.