This is a catchy saying that has been going around for a few years now. The sad thing is that I’m not sure many of us grasp the concept of what it really means. We are living in a world now where people give up on their dreams if they don’t manifest easy. When you think about it, what would your dream mean if it was handed to you? If there was no struggle to gain it, if you never had to push pass how you feel just to keep going; would you really appreciate the dream. When I mention trust the process, it is simply saying, this is the price you have to pay to get what you say you want. Therefore, if you really want it like you say you do, you will trust the process that you have to go through to get it.

I must admit, there have been times in the past and I still feel this way from time to time when I want to give up or I believe what I’m doing isn’t making a difference. Let me say this, if you’ve never wanted to give up on anything, it is not big enough or worth much in the end. Your dreams are attainable, but if you quit in the middle you will never know what could have been. If you quit, what are you going back to? I’m reminded of Joseph in the bible when God showed Joseph a dream, but allowed him to experience so much pain before he ever saw the dream fulfilled. What was so amazing was that no matter what condition Joseph found himself in, he never gave up on his dream. The process is hard and it’s challenging but we have to understand that process is something that produces the dream. The process helps to prepare us for the dream and it builds character. So as I conclude, understand that just because it hasn’t happened for you yet don’t mean that it will not happen. If you abort the process, then you forfeit the dream. TRUST THE PROCESS and GROW THROUGH IT.

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